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Regional Stockholm Junior Water Prize

Filtra-Bee: Filtration Using Carbonized "Bee's Wings"

Sustainability and Renewable Energy
Elijah Bhasme

Ty White

Many water filters have been made using waste agricultural products such as rice husks. I set out to make a filter system using a local product known as "Bee's Wings", or "Red Dog". While we were not able to find the correct scientific name, it is a leftover membrane torn loose when corn is stripped from the cob. Using a material like this creates a useful solution to two problems - disposal of a waste product and cleaning contaminated water.

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One thought on “Filtra-Bee: Filtration Using Carbonized “Bee’s Wings”

  1. Excellent attempt to create an unconventional solution to the question of both clean water and excess waste. If it would have worked it would have been quite a breakthrough as the current techniques of nitrate removal being: ion-exchange, reverse, osmosis and electrolysis are quite complicated and expensive. From those types of thoughts progress is made.

    Remember a disproven hypothesis is not a failed experiment.

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