Feline Feasts

Animal Science
Amelia Weede Luke Weede Dylan Spiker

Elisabeth Gingrich

The three of us wondered what human food cats will like the best. We ran tests on a cat named Tito. There are many foods that he can choose, but only one is the winner. Tito has to go through a “Y” shaped maze and then choose a pathway to find his favorite food. The result is shocking, because cats usually choose foods they are familiar with. In the end, Tito chooses pumpkin and won’t stop licking it. We could hardly take away the can because he liked it so much. He would always go to the food that had a bigger scent.

Project presentation

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One thought on “Feline Feasts

  1. Good project and display. I am sure the cat had a good time being your subject. Keep up being curious

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