Extreme Magnets

Energy and Change
Ben Petersen

Alexandria Vaughn

What is your project about? My project focuses on how temperature cycling magnets will affect their magnetism abilities. This project involves heating/cooling a magnet then bringing it back to room temperature and testing it. Overall it tests if the temperature cycling will unaligned the electrons then taking away their abilities. Why did you choose this project? I chose this topic because I was fascinated by magnets that could attract/repel. The way magnets repel act as if there is something between them. The way a magnet attracts is so instant and forceful. What was your result/overall conclusion? Overall heat cycling took away all magnetism while cold cycling did not affect anything. I think this is because when you heat the magnet it becomes mushy and sloshes around, causing the electrons to get all mixed up. While cooling the magnets only freezes the electrons. If the electrons are frozen then they have no were to go leaving them undisturbed. Why is your project important? My project shows that temperature cycling does not make anything stronger. It also shows to not expose magnets to extreme heat. For example if you are using magnets to stabilize steel while welding it and you get the magnet hot enough it might not work anymore. This project is supposed to help the industrial side of the world.

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