Erosion....could it be solved with plants?

Plants and the Environment
Charlotte Walbank

Adelle McNiece

How does the density of plant population affect coastal erosion? My hypothesis was, "if the plant population is denser then we will have less erosion because if there is an abundance of roots in the soil, then they will absorb the water and slow the amount of coastal erosion." My hypothesis was proven. The tub with more seeds had less runoff. In this experiment, I learned how strong roots are, and how to do a science fair project. Another thing I learned is the impact coastal erosion has on coastal communities. My findings could be used to save lives, homes, and most importantly our planet.

Project presentation

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2 thoughts on “Erosion….could it be solved with plants?

  1. This is extremely well-written and persuasively argued, in addition to following the scientific method. I am highly impressed by the quality of work and the passion behind it.

  2. Truly an impressive presentation! Beautifully put together, interesting, informative and professional. Congratulations Charlotte Walbank. Well done!

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