Electrolyte Charge

Food and Nutrition
Armando Altamirano

Angela Johnson

My science project is about looking at the difference of electrolytes by sports drinks and common household juices. The reason I chose this project is because I wanted to find out which drinks I should take to my soccer events. I take drinks with me because i need them to hydrate and to do my best. I think my project is important because sports players like me take sports drinks but don't really know which one is best. I did this experiment to find which sports drink has the most electrolytes. The drink with the most electrolytes was Gatorade. The drinks that were compared were sports drinks and household juices. Gatorlyte had a 30% difference greater than 3rd place, which was whole milk! I proved this by using a multimeter and a 9V battery to measure the current in all of the drinks. The more current flow, the higher the concentration of electrolytes that are present.

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One thought on “Electrolyte Charge

  1. Very well executed food related science project!
    Clear and systematic explanation of concept, methodology and results! I would perhaps collected several sets of data for more accurate, statistical data.
    Great job!

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