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Second Place

Electrifying Electrolysis of alkali solutions

Roberto Briones

Michael Frank

1. Its about electrolysis of sodium and potassium hydroxides and chlorides and how their concentration in solution affects reaction rate.2. I chose the project because I have done electrolysis experiments before and was interested in a way of quantifying of those experiments.3. My overall result was that molar concentration will increase the reaction rate in a solution. 4. This project is important as my data can help with bleach production, saftey matches, hydroxide production, Hydrogen and Oxygen production by electroylsis.

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5 thoughts on “Electrifying Electrolysis of alkali solutions

  1. It is obvious from your research project how much you enjoyed doing this! I hope you continue experimenting and asking good scientific questions.

  2. Nice work Roberto! Very detailed and well thought out. You have a bright future ahead of you.

  3. What a bright future you have ahead of you. What a great detailed layout research you did.

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