Effects of water storage on water quality

Environmental Studies
Geraldo Salas-Fregoso

Elyse Wexler

In this project I measured the quality of water from different methods of storing it. This was to determine which held the cleanest water and might even know the reasons why.

Project presentation

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Lab journal excerpts

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Research paper

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2 thoughts on “Effects of water storage on water quality

  1. Great job with this study! I really enjoyed looking through it and all of the aspects that went into the experiments. Everything is clear and easy to understand. The rationale and background of this study is important and explains why this is important. Overall, great job with the study with obtaining the results your compiled and displayed. Keep up the great work!

  2. Very good presentation and interview. I would like to have seen more discussion of the limitations on the sources of your samples. I hope you will explore the topic more in the future

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