Effects of Water erosion with a focus on river outlets on coastal areas

Environmental Studies
Ezael Corral Levario

Lisa Baker

The experiment consisted of 2 trials along with different types of simulated environments. The control was a simulated environment with only sand and soil to make up the substrate. The three experimental environments will be made up of sand, soil, rocks, and simulated natural plant life. Environment one will have sand, soil, and rock, environment two will have sand, soil, and plant life, and environment three will have a combination of all items. The natural plant life will be simulated by small corn plants because they are a shallow rooting plant which would better set the experiment to scale.

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One thought on “Effects of Water erosion with a focus on river outlets on coastal areas

  1. It is great to see you set up your own experiment and come up with simulated environment. You also have a good recommendations for future work, which is also important. Good job with your project.

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