Eco Carrier for Cans

Plants and the Environment
Vincent Rivera Noah Youmans

Lydia Carlson

These engineers created a 6-pack carrier for soda cans made out of materials that are biodegradable. Many plastic 6-pack holders end up in the ocean. Animals like sea turtles can get wrapped up in the plastic or eat it which makes them sick which can lead to death. If the pack is biodegradable then even if it ends up in the ocean it will break down quickly and have smaller chance of harming an animal. There students were successful in creating a pack made out of recycled cardboard and jute.

Project presentation

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2 thoughts on “Eco Carrier for Cans

  1. Great you are thinking about materials that are polluting our oceans and how to rectify the damage they are doing. Human-made products are indeed changing our ecosystems and as we become more aware of the damage they are doing, looking for solutions is important.

  2. This was a really interesting problem to solve! It seems like you found something that works well to hold your cans, and using problem solving skills to improve the first prototype was successful. Great job!

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