Durability of Nail Polish

Energy and Change
Aspen Jones

Alexandria Vaughn

What is your project about? My project is about how different nail polish colors are affected by different liquids and their rate of degradation compared to each other. Why did you choose this project? I often like to paint my nails but I swim six days a week and the nail polish would start chipping after only a few swims, this caused me to have to constantly redo my nails so they didn’t look like they were a month old or to not wear nail polish as much on occasions when I had less time. What was your result/overall conclusion? In the end I found out that the pink was the least durable and the clear was the most durable. This was different then what I had expected because originally when I started to paint the pebbles the yellow and white were much thinner so I thought they would be less durable. I also thought that the glitter one would be more durable since it is always very hard to get off even with nail polish remover and hard scrubbing. Why is your project important? My project is important because it will allow others to know how frequently they may have to redo their nails based on the colors they are wearing and then they can line it up with their time frame over the week and not be forced to cram it in. Wearing nail polish is also important because for many people it boosts their confidence and makes them feel more important.

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