Does the Water Temperature (cold & warm) Affect Hair Growth?

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Estefany Hernandez

Cristy Fuentes

During my research for a project many of my ideas were regarding the health of my hair and how could I improve it. I researched about doubts I had that could help me and many others find a way to take the proper care for our hair. My beginning question was, “If there was any way shampoo could aect something in my hair?”, but I found out there were already many researches about it like the, National Library of Medicine(October 1, 2015) or the Healthline researched(October 21, 2021). I needed to find another question also regarding with hair health that I could be interested on and had not been researched. I thought of how diicult it was for my hair to start growing again faster after a haircut, so I tried to search for things that could benefit my hair and make it faster to grow. With my project research I could find a way to get my hair to grow exponentially faster with the temperature in which you shower with. I think if perhaps the water temperature could actually have an impact on the rate of growth it could help a lot of people including myself.

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