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Does Playing Video Games Affect Blood Pressure?

Human Health and Behavior
Avery Fleming

Cindy Adkins

My project is about measuring the blood pressure and heart rate of people of different ages while playing Mario Kart. I chose this project because Mario Kart is an exciting video game and I wanted to know whether it affects your health or not. My overall result was that playing video games does change blood pressure and heart rate.

Project presentation

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2 thoughts on “Does Playing Video Games Affect Blood Pressure?

  1. Super research! Very strategic and directed. Your presentation was also wonderfully clear – I feel like I could replicate the project just by following what you’ve written on your slides. Very well done!

    I hope you stay inquisitive, and find even more new ways to run some science, about how our hobbies affect our health!

  2. I like the creativity in your project! I can tell it was something of genuine interest for you and I really hope you had fun doing this! Great work!

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