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Do you Judge a Book by it's Cover?

Animal Kingdom
Jocelyn Symonds

Debbie Fitzpatrick

When I was thinking of a project idea, I asked as many people as I could: What problems do they face in the world? A lot of them said that they were often judged. I wanted to see why people judge others by the way they look. I went to the mall in four different outfits on the same day. For each outfit, I would stand in the center of the mall for an hour asking people to take a quick survey. I would mark it down whenever someone would take it with me. I then put it all together to see which outfit got the most or least amount of people.

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One thought on “Do you Judge a Book by it’s Cover?

  1. I loved this project and the way you presented it. Very clever. I did wonder, however, if time if day mattered. Were there fewer people around during the four hours? Were these four hours on the same day?

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