Do Daisies Have Music Taste?

Plants and the Environment
Harper Cochran Sophie Sage

David Ficke

Since we both were not born with green thumbs and love music, we have tried an experiment that may help us with our struggles and help us appreciate our joys. Is there a way to promote plant growth without changing the plant's habitat? We decided to play different genres of music to daisies to see if it affected their sprouting speed. For two weeks we took care of the plants while playing them music through headphones to see if there was any large difference in their growth. We played rock music, classical music, techno music and country music and noted which plants sprouted when. Our hypothesis was that classical music would help the plants sprout and thrive the best, and rock music would kill them. We discovered that classical music does make plants grow the fastest, taking just about 2-3 days, techno came second taking around 5-7, and country and rock sprouted last taking around 8 days. We do wish we could have continued this experiment and tested different genres of music and different species of plants to further our knowledge of how music and plants are related.

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2 thoughts on “Do Daisies Have Music Taste?

  1. Great job, I will start playing classical music for all my plants after seeing these results! What would you expect to see if you added another group of daisies that weren’t listening to music?

  2. Good project that explores different kinds of music and the effect on plants. Maybe next time extend the time farther into the plant’s growth. I hope you return with another project next year

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