Dirty Surfaces

Human Health and Behavior
Samantha R Freytag Penelope De Roock

Rashmitha Kasaragod Pallath

What is the dirtiest surface that we touch everyday?

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3 thoughts on “Dirty Surfaces

  1. Great job on picking a variety of surfaces to test and challenging your preconceived notions of what would be most dirty!

  2. This is an important topic to raise awareness on. To convince people, the actual data that you carefully collected need to be presented. Keep up exploring!

  3. Well I suppose that I will start to wash my hands more often. It is amazing (and maybe a bit yucky) to think about all these little microorganisms living all around us. It looks like you put in a good amount of work in your project and if there was any room for improvement, I would suggest including a table of your data (colony counts in this case). Nice work 🧫

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