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Deflategate 2014

Physics and Astronomy
Kai Concannon

Kelsey Cordero

Did the Patriots REALLY have a winning advantage by having a deflated football under the NFL legal regulation level?

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3 thoughts on “Deflategate 2014

  1. Hello! I loved the application of science to a controversy that didn’t necessarily take the science into consideration. Providing for a controlled experiment to show could’ve taken place during the Patriots v. Colts game provides a different perspective looking at it from an unbiased point of view. As someone who is a diehard fan of the New England Patriots, I recall the controversy of “Deflate-gate,” and how the emotions of what was taking place out ranked the actual facts of the event. Thank you for sharing such a great science project!

  2. As a football fan, this one really caught my attention! Interesting analysis of the game itself and also a pretty good experiment to go along with it. You make some of the same points one of my friends makes who is a huge Patriot’s fan. I would love to have seen even more data in your experiment, perhaps with some additional receivers. Keep exploring testable questions!

  3. I really like how you analyzed your hypothesis using statistical data, scientific data, and then conducted the experiment to see for yourself the difference, all which helped you draw a well thought out conclusion that is logical and fact based. Great job!

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