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Cross the River, Rudolph!

Animal Kingdom

Meagan Ulibarri

Students have been learning about Reindeer and Caribou and their habitat, as well as domesticated Reindeer and the Indigenous people who herd them. With the climate crisis and the seasons in disarray, Reindeer herders are having trouble migrating with their herds and crossing rivers that once froze solid, now flow with water, blocking the herders’ routes across the tundra. Students will be designing a wildlife bridge with Legos that would best support a heard of reindeer.

Project presentation

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4 thoughts on “Cross the River, Rudolph!

  1. Great project idea. Good attention to detail and well thought out designs that were improved with each version. Nice team work!

  2. Awesome representation of Indigenous knowledge and great job creating a project that addresses a changing climate!

  3. This is so cool! Great way to test what you have been learning. The prototypes look great!

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