Grand Award

Third Place

Cowboy’s Cool Strides

Animal Science
Avalon Duffin

Huiying Zhou

My project looked at the difference between cotton and polyester saddle pads to determine which one was cooler. I want my horse to be comfortable and safe in our hot temperatures, so finding out which pad was cooler was interesting to me. The cotton saddle pad was cooler than polyester, but only a little bit cooler. I was happy to get an answer to I can keep Cowboy cooler when we ride.

Project presentation

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2 thoughts on “Cowboy’s Cool Strides

  1. This is a great project to keep your horse comfortable in our Arizona temperatures.

  2. Terrific project! Very original. We liked how you tried to keep as many variables as possible constant. We thought maybe getting the temperature of the day you rode, as well as the initial temperature of Cowboy before riding could have made for an interesting analysis. Keep up the great work!

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