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Coverting the Stall - copying nature to make airplanes safer

Physics and Astronomy
Gordon Koessler Garrett Fry

Lara Huetter

This project is testing how artificial covert feathers affect stall recovery times in RC aircraft. We tested by timing how long it took the plane to recover from one stall. We chose this project because we are interested in aviation and RC aircraft and wanted to make it safer. Overall, the feathers did improve stall recovery times and handling in our model which supported the hypothesis. This is important because it could be scaled up to be used on real planes like STOL planes where it could make the sport much safer.

Project presentation

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One thought on “Coverting the Stall – copying nature to make airplanes safer

  1. Excellent project. Keep up the good work using aeronautic engineering. Sorry your test model crashed. Good photos. A video of how the covert “paper feathers” actually worked when flying would really help your project. Really enjoyed reviewing this project.

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