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Copper Electroplating Different Metals

Energy and Change
Derek Greene

Lara Huetter

My project is about copper electroplating different metals. To see what type of metal will collect the most copper. Copper electroplating is when a metal is submerged in a solution of vinegar and malachite. This metal rod (-) and a copper rod (+) are both connected to a battery and submerged in the solution. This makes a electric charge that will attract copper atoms to the metal rod coating it in a layer of thin copper. This copper that is electroplated on the metal is very pure (99%). This pure copper can be used in many ways such as electronics, plumbing, wires, medicine, and more. This is the reason why I chose this as my topic, because copper is used in many different aspects of technology. More copper can help manufacturers produce more pure copper than normal and could lower the price of copper ($3.89 per lb.). From my testing I found, aluminum beat the other 3 metals by far, the other 3 metals only had an average of 2.7g while aluminum had 7g of copper gained.

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2 thoughts on “Copper Electroplating Different Metals

  1. You did a lot work on this project and it paid off. Great job! And you recreated, on a small scale, what Arizona copper mines do to remove copper from rocks and produce copper that can be refined and used for all the purposes you pointed out. The process the mines use is SX/EW – Solvent Extraction/Electrowinning. Congratulations on a job well-done.

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