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Color vs FelV

Animal Science
Zoey Fuchs

Tracy Smith

Studying if the eye disease in cats with feline leukemia virus results in different toy or treat preferences. I am interested in cats and particularly enjoy spending time with cats with FelV. Most healthy cats enjoy blue or green, not yellow or orange. Cats with FelV have their own preference for color. Important to understand how vision loss can change the preference for color.

Project presentation

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3 thoughts on “Color vs FelV

  1. I encourage you to continue your research in this area. One possible suggestion is to limit the number of variables you put into each experiment. Sometimes the addition of more than one variable can also have an effect on the outcome and it is harder to determine why the outcomes changed.
    I look forward to seeing your project next year!

  2. Love that you used “normal” cats as your control group. Nice that you thought about your nect experiment. A good project will always elicit new questions.

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