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TEP Award of Excellence

Clean, Green, and Renewable Energy

Plants and the Environment
Elias El Onache Gabriel Curiel-Torres Perla Grijalva

Jackie Nichols

This project exhibits three years of research and learning about climate change adaptation, engineering, sustainability, and efficiency in urban development. Presented here is a sustainable city with unique urban features, successfully adapting to climate change while meeting growing energy demand. This project showcases Geothermal CHP: Copenhill, wind islands, urban lungs, bio panels, and innovative transportation. This project tells a story about shared problems like global warming, climate change, water insecurity, rising temperatures and C02 levels, rising energy demands, and innovative solutions. Cities can thrive with innovations like bioluminescence to power lights, urban lungs to purify and clean air, and infrastructure projects like Copenhill which is a waste-to-energy plant that doubles as a ski slope, hiking trail, and climbing wall. How do we develop and engineer innovative, sustainable infrastructure that supports the energy needs of a city, while keeping people and the environment healthy and safe?

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3 thoughts on “Clean, Green, and Renewable Energy

  1. What an amazing project. You put in so much work and learned so much. I am very proud of your accomplishments. Congratulations!

  2. This is an amazing project! So professionally written with beautiful, detailed illustrations and photos. Top notch work for an eighth-grade team. The amount of research conducted is obvious in the write-ups. Our future is in good hands. Congratulations to all.

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