Charcoal vs, Granite Water Filter

Applied Technology
Korben Greene

Lisa Scott

Does the size of the rocks and type affect the cleanliness of the filtered water? We hypothesized that the charcoal rock would work better than the granite due to it having to be a special kind. In the end, the activated charcoal filters the water better than the granite, and the smaller rocks filter the water better than medium and large-sized rocks. All in all the small charcoal rocks filter water better than any other size or stones we tested. The reason why this project is important to the real world is because it teaches people on which rock can filter water the best. This will lead to getting dirt out of water which will result in less people getting sick and going thirsty because of dirty water. In the future we will test out more common rocks that most people can get their hands on so they can filter water. We could also change the layout of the bottle adding cloth and other materials to block out dirt from getting in.

Project presentation

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