Car pick up lines at school… It’s Exhausting!

Plants and the Environment
Grayson Barrett

Niki Tilicki

Abstract: The purpose of this project is to see how much pollution our school car pick line makes. Over the course of two months I counted the amount of cars and the time it took for the car pick line at school to finish. Over those two months, I observed the car line hoping to find a solution so that our school is safe as possible. The results in this project found that our school car line shows a lot of carbon dioxide. Every week in the car line, a little over 395 pounds of carbon dioxide was produced according to statistics from the Environmental Defense Fund Organization. It stated that every 10 minutes, one pound of carbon dioxide is released from an engine. The daily average number of cars in line was over 74 and the average time it took for the car pick up line to finish was about 12 minutes. I want to ensure that people know what is going on in our school and how to improve it. In this project, I also experimented to catch exhaust in many types of ways to see any visible evidence.

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