Can we completely change the taste of cress plants?

Plants and the Environment
Kavi Chopra

David Ficke

Can we make garden cress taste like anything? The purpose of this experiment was to find out the best way to feed garden cress. The hypothesis was "changing the amount of liquid and what liquid that garden cress is fed daily will affect the taste and height of the plant". I first planted 6 different plants in 6 identical pots. I waited until they sprouted and germinated before feeding them the different liquids and different amounts of liquids. I fed the six daily as follows, respectively: 27 ML of water, 13.5 ML of water, 54 ML of water, 27 ML of spraying water with a spritzer, 27 ML of apple juice, and then 27 ML of coffee. In ten days of growth, the first plant grew to 7.366 Centimeters, the next to 7.112 CM, then 6.858, then 7.874, then only 3.81, and the last plant grew to 7.112 also. In short, I found out that the best way to feed garden cress was to spray it with a spritzer. This could help many farmers selling cress, as it is an important flavor for many dishes across the world.

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2 thoughts on “Can we completely change the taste of cress plants?

  1. Very cool research! It’s interesting that the method to water the plant had such an effect on height and taste.

  2. Interesting project. Were the changes in taste due to the plant itself changing or that there was residue of the liquid on the leaves? I hope you keep up working on science

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