Can Red cabbage can be used as a pH indicator?

Medicine, Health, and Disease
Giselle Bassey

Jason Flora

In lower-middle income countries, like Kenya, Ethiopia, Nigeria, etc., over 90% of injury affiliated deaths take place. Most residents in these communities will choose not to go to a hospital. Residents who do choose to go to a hospital will find that they are not properly equipped with the materials to care for them, like infection control, basic facilities, proper hygiene, water, and qualified staff. (Stewart, 2013) The red cabbage dyed gauzes will help detect a pH lower than 7, which is the pH of an infected wound, making my experiment cost effective and an accurate detection for infections in wounds for those in lower-middle income countries.

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2 thoughts on “Can Red cabbage can be used as a pH indicator?

  1. I learned something new! Who would guess that red cabbage is a natural pH detector? Thank you!

  2. This is a creative proposal to address health care solutions in countries with limited resources. Kudos for your start in the much needed area of health disparities.

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