Can Mud Make Energy?

Energy and Change
Wes Burbank

Nicole Boyle

My project is about finding out if it's possible to make energy using mud. I chose this project because it might help us with our energy demands. My results was that I made electricity with mud and powered a small light bulb. This is important because we are looking to find ways to make clean energy with renewable resources that are better for the environment.

Project presentation

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3 thoughts on “Can Mud Make Energy?

  1. What an amazing way to bring power to any where in the world!
    It was well planned and executed. Great job!

  2. I appreciate that you created your science fair project around a real-world challenge that you witnessed while traveling. This is exactly what scientists do in real life! You didn’t give up after the ice cube tray didn’t give you the results you needed – another testament to being a true scientist. Project was organized and easy to follow. Great job!

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