Can different liquids damage/change a chicken bone?

Food and Nutrition
Nicolas Ojeda

Cristy Fuentes

For this question I am going to have to use different liquids like soda and hot sauce,I investigated and did not find anything about what I was going to do with the chicken bones.I think that scientists or engineers have not done work on the topic that I did. The reason that I think that my project is important is because it can help scientist to know what liquids can damage the most a bone if they want to get rid of bones, or what type of liquids can conserve the bone without damage or change.

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2 thoughts on “Can different liquids damage/change a chicken bone?

  1. Very creative. Often in science we don’t get the results we expect and that is when we really learn something. Nice experiment.

  2. This makes you think twice about what Coca Cola does to your teeth! Good job!

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