Grand Award

First Place

Bristles, Bots and Baskets

Applied Technology

Emily Penning

Students conducted a beginner level engineering project where they sought to upsize a bristle bot and see if it could complete a task.

Project presentation

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3 thoughts on “Bristles, Bots and Baskets

  1. Really good work, second graders. Your commitment to take an idea and adapt it to meet a new need was impressive. I was also pleased that you were able to work as a team to do this engineering challenge. You worked like real scientists. Keep it up

  2. Kudos to the teacher and her team!!!
    The kids experienced brain storming, organizing ideas, developing a plan and obtaining excellent results. What a job!!!!

  3. A challenging project for these kids. They created those robots looking artistic, ingenious, and functional. Great opportunity to share ideas and solve problems having fun. Very good job !!!

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