Bowls of Algae Blooms: Helping Animals Stay Safe When Drinking Provided Water

Plants and the Environment
Drake Taylor

Alexandria Vaughn

What is your project about? This project is about discovering which outside bowl material will allow for the most algae growth. Plastic, metal, glass, and ceramic materials were used. Algae starter was added to each bowl and then observed over several weeks. Why did you choose this project? I chose this project because I wanted to do a biological project, branching away from my previous rocket projects. I wanted to help the birds and other wildlife that have visited our backyard to drink water, so they can have clean water to drink at their pleasure. What was your result/overall conclusion? After several weeks, the ceramic bowl had the least amount of algae grown, while the plastic had the most algae. However, ceramic was the most difficult to clean and plastic and metal were very easy to clean. Why is your project important? This project is important because it shows how to make cleaner water sources for animals and humans, so polluted and contaminated water becomes less of a problem. By using a better material for the water bowl, we can limit the amount of algae growth that infects the drinking supply.

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