Blood sugar vs Sugar Substitutes

Human Health and Behavior
Penny Decker

Alexandria Vaughn

What is your project about? How different types of sugar affect diabetes. Different sugars affect your body differently. Sugar affects diabetes differently then. Why did you choose this project? I chose this project because I would like to know which sugars don’t spike your blood sugar. My mom has diabetes so I wanted her to have some sweet treats as well. I like baking and she can't eat most of it. What was your result/overall conclusion? That the regular sugar made your blood sugar spike more than the others. Stevia does not spike your blood sugar as much as regular sugar. Why is your project important? My project is important because people with diabetes can now know which sugars they should use while making sweet treats. I make a lot of sweet treats. I Have only used one type of sugar. These tests will expand my knowledge.

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