Biological Aging and How it Can Affect Psychological Reactivity

Behavioral and Social Sciences
Sage Rapada Ariana Molera Sasha Aguilar

Elyse Wexler

How does biological aging affect your decisions when it comes to theoretical situations? The problem tackled is how different age cohorts answer a series of questions from a survey about a theoretical situation and how they respond based on their biological age. Nobody has answered how biological aging can affect your decisions because everyone gets different results and somehow, they never match to an exact answer to the question being asked. The research question was very hard to tackle but by using a survey and sticking to a singular theoretical situation then adding up all the data from all 30 participants and dividing it into age cohorts of (8-12) (13-17) (18-29) (30-49) and (50-77) then putting those age cohorts and data on a graph from there you see how age can affect your choices and how it can change over time. To get the data send out a survey about a theoretical situation, ask questions based on that theoretical situation then divide the answers based on ages into 5 different age cohorts and then graph the data you had acquired from the survey questions. This research can help people figure out how the brain works, especially how the development of your brain works when it comes to aging. It could answer questions for how your brain develops as you age? This is very important especially because it can help Neuroscientists answer the question: what does age have to do with the brain and how does it affect how the brain works?

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