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Langston Chapman

Shauna Thomas

My Problem Came from a need. My Brother tackles me every morning and wakes me up. He is way to noisy when I am sleeping. I noticed that roly polys have shells that fold up and so I made a cover for my bed like an igloo that keeps my brother out. I think my invention could benefit other kids.

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8 thoughts on “Bedigloo

  1. What a great reason to invent something! Do you think the pill bug and the armadillo use their protective armor to decrease noise or just as a protective shell?

    Reducing cost and waste is such an important aspect in the world of engineering and you did a fantastic job at using material on hand to prove that your prototype would work as a protective device. I think you did a fantastic job at making changes to materials in order to function how you wanted it to and I believe your invention could help lots of other children who wake up to tackles from their siblings too! What a great engineering project!

  2. Fantastic and well thought invention that quite unique for kids. Way to go Langston keep going with science inventions. Proud of you Nanny and Poppop Chapman 👏💕🦋

  3. This is amazing! I could totally use one myself to take naps and not have all my dogs jump on me.

  4. Fantastic invention! Extremely creative and looks like something many people who need a warm, private bed could use. Very ingenious!

  5. This is an awesome project/experiment taken on by a 3rd grader. There is no limit to the young minds of today and we should encourage, listen and support our young people. They have a bright future ahead of them. Congratulations to this young 3rd grader. I am so proud of you.

  6. Congratulations Langston!
    You did a super job on your science project. You have a great imaginary and creative mind. I expect great things to come from you and look forward to seeing what the future holds for you. There is no limit so reach for the heavens. May God continue to bless you, guide you, and keep you in His care. Love you much. Pop pop

  7. Extremely creative! The pro type is done extremely well. Great job! This would be something used by a lot of people.

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