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Battle of the Lettuce

Food and Nutrition

Sarah Nystedt

Our project was all about figuring out if lettuce grows quicker when we grow it without soil in our classroom using a hydroponic system, or if it grows faster in the soil at our school. We had a hunch that lettuce might do better without soil. So, we planted the same type of lettuce in both the hydroponic setup and the soil on the same day. Then, we kept an eye on how tall the lettuce got each day for a while. Turns out, the lettuce in the hydroponic garden was growing faster and getting bigger than the lettuce in the soil!

Project presentation

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2 thoughts on “Battle of the Lettuce

  1. I like how you tracked the “confounding variables” – ie the weather and environmental conditions. That shows create attention to detail and really supports your conclusions!

  2. Very nice approach. Interesting thought and comment about plastics. I very much like that this would be a practical way to feed your tortoises. Nice science filling a need in your school.

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