Bases and Lyres

Applied Technology
Jessica Loehr

Alexandria Vaughn

What is your project about? I redesigned and rebuilt a clarinet lyre base. I used a 3D printer connected to a design app where I could make and send a design to the printer to print. I added a screw insert and screwed on the top part of the lyre. Why did you choose this project? My old lyre base was small and sharp. It scratched up my clarinet barrel when it’s not supposed to be on the barrel. The lyre base should be placed between the upper section and lower section of the clarinet, but it’s too small to fit on. The clasp on the base wasn’t much fun either, it would never stay on and would always fall off. I needed a new one but they were all the same and all wouldn’t work. I had to do something. What was your result/overall conclusion? The new design for my lyre base worked excellently. There were some flaws with the base but overall it gets the job done better than the old base does. Why is your project important? If I didn’t do something about the base it would’ve got damaged and a lot more. It would’ve also fallen off multiple times during marching band shows. Now that the issue has been handled I can now march in peace.

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