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Bam Bam Ants?

Animal Kingdom

Dorothy Fein

This is a 2nd grade Class Project. During a class discussion, a student asked: Are ants born strong or do they become stronger as they get older? We took a class vote and decided to investigate the answer to this question. We made our own ant farms using glass jars and sand. We contacted Entomologists at the UA for help in our investigation. We observed ant behaviors for several months. We tested our ants' preferences for light/dark, wet/dry and foods using insect choice chambers. We researched the ant life cycle and measured how much cheese our ants were able to carry. We are still studying our ants' behaviors and learning more about the science of entomology.

Project presentation

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One thought on “Bam Bam Ants?

  1. COOL ONGOING PROJECT!!!! Kudos to all of you…I’d love to be able to follow up on this project and really appreciate the energy created here. What an inspiring learning environment you have all developed.

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