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Balance and Body Type: Cambré

Data Science and Math
Caroline Wichers

Jill Christman

In the experiment, 10 dancers were taken and asked to perform an arabesque and a side leg extension while on relevé. First, body measurements of the dancers were taken. The dancers were asked to raise their foot as high on relevé as possible before balance was lost. At the point balance was lost, rapid photos were taken to capture the exact angle the body of the dancer created before falling. The photos were then uploaded to an online protractor and the 3 angles of each of the two positions were measured and recorded into a data table. Next, the photos of the dancers in both positions were uploaded to an online graphing calculator and the leg being raised was traced using equations. Each equation of each dancer’s leg was then transferred onto one graph to view the common height the legs reached. Lastly, dancers with similar body measurements were compared graphically to reach the conclusion that there is a larger correlation between body type and the angle at which dancers lose balance than there was with the previous experiment, but more body measurements and a larger sample size is needed for further analysis of the correlation between balance and body type. For future experiments, there are certain variables that need to be held constant during experimentation. The research that has taken place over the last two years can be used in the future to examine the success of other athletes in their sports due to body types.

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