Bacteria on Store Carts

Human Health and Behavior
Quinn Taylor

Lara Huetter

In my project this year I swabbed grocery carts to see the bacteria that they collected over the day of shopping. I went at the end of the day, and swabbed the carts and put the bacteria on dishes, then I incubated and analyzed the bacteria. I chose this project because I have little brothers who are very prone to getting sick. I wanted to know what store was safest for them, and what stores to avoid a cart at. In the end, Frys had the most bacteria on it. My project is important so that people can know what is on their carts and what they need to do to be safe.

Project presentation

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2 thoughts on “Bacteria on Store Carts

  1. Very interesting project. Why do you think different stores had different amounts/kinds of bacteria on their carts? This could be because of how often they are cleaned, what type of cleaner they use, if the carts are stored inside or out, if customers routinely sanitize hands before shopping.. all kinds of reasons! Your next project could look into this even further!

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