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Backyard Bird Feeders

Animal Science

Sarah Hitchings

After learning about birds from the Desert Museum presentation, we wanted to see if we could help birds because they are so beautiful and vital to our world. We all made bird feeders. We thought if they are eating from our feeders, we are helping them. We shared our first prototypes in class presentations and then had time for making changes. After that each student put it out at their house for 10 days. Then we reported back if there was all the food left, about half the food left, or no food left. It was so interesting and fun! Parents are still sending pictures of birds at the feeders even when the project has been over for a month!

Project presentation

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2 thoughts on “Backyard Bird Feeders

  1. Results and Data were displayed very well. It was informative to see the limitations and implications.

  2. Great job, everyone! I loved seeing the different design ideas you came up with. Even though some reported that birds didn’t eat much seed from their feeders, the fact that you made an effort to feed the birds and learn about their needs is a big accomplishment. I am sure this sparked more interest in the birds in your community and that you are more aware of your neighborhood birds now!

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