Back to Basics: the Effect of Distance to Industrial Manufacturing Zones on the pH of the Tucson Water Supply

Environmental Studies
Elise Hatch

Michael Frank

My project was about how the distance to industrial manufacturing zones can affect the Tucson water supply. I chose this project because I was researching water and how important it is in our day to day life and how big companies were putting chemicals in the water that we drink. I found a weak correlation between proximity to industrial zones and the pH of water, basically the closer the sample locations were to industrial zones the more basic the water (the more basic the water became) additionally the further away you get from the industrial manufacturing zones the more acidic the water got. Based on the data, I hypothesized there are other factors that are contributing to the pH changes because there is a very weak correlation between the distance to industrial manufacturing zones and the pH of the Tucson water supply. This project is important because it shows how industrial manufacturing can impact the water that we rely on.

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