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Autonomous LawnBot

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Julie Rodriguez

Jeanne Wages

The purpose of my Autonomous LawnBot engineering project is to provide a way for people to effectively and easily create fire-safe areas of defensible space to protect their land, homes, buildings, families and animals from wildfire damages, in a form that is customizable and less expensive than existing products. In this case, autonomous means that a robot has the ability to perform elaborate tasks with little to no human intervention for an extended period of time from a remote distance. Though there are other automatic grass cutting robots out there, they cost thousands of dollars, and are not designed to run effectively on rocky uneven ground. Their battery life is short and they are not very reliable, nor do they seem very safe because of sharp metal blades. My Autonomous LawnBot will be an improvement because it has 4 wheel drive to get over hilly, rocky yards and is a fraction of the cost of what’s available on the market. My project can help people all around the world who are not able to mow their yards due to physical limitations, time constraints or just because it is easier to let a robot do the work. I built this robot out of aluminum extrusion and several custom-designed 3D printed parts. The functions run with a microcontroller that is controlled by a phone app that I created.

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One thought on “Autonomous Lawbot

  1. What I liked about this project was that it solved a specific and personal problem. And the design had a lot of features that required some additional thought (such as using nylon cord). I’m sure this student learned a lot about how to engineer something useful and developed skills at printing parts. Well done.

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