Grand Award

Third Place

Automatic Water Irrigation System

Applied Technology
Greyson Weber

Hayley Keith

I created an automatic watering system that uses a moisture sensor to control a solenoid valve and programmed it using ESPHome and an ESP32 microcontroller.

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2 thoughts on “Automatic Water Irrigation System

  1. Outstanding project! Your initiative to address water wastage in agriculture, particularly in a region like Arizona where water is a precious resource, is commendable. The background research provides a clear understanding of the problem and its significance, highlighting the relevance of your project in tackling overwatering.

    Your integration of basic computer programming and engineering, involving the ESP32 microcontroller, solenoid valve, and YAML programming language, demonstrates a well-thought-out technological solution. The use of opensource software, such as Docker and ESPHome, adds an element of accessibility and ease of use, making your project beginner-friendly.

    The problem statement and solution are succinctly presented, emphasizing the importance of preventing overwatering to conserve water and enhance crop yield. The criteria and constraints outline the key features and challenges of your project, providing a comprehensive framework.

    Your test plan is systematic and well-structured, ensuring a step-by-step approach to learning and implementing the system. The purpose is clear, and the list of materials, along with accompanying pictures, enhances the project’s visual appeal and understanding.

    The data table, graph, and testing results provide a quantitative demonstration of your project’s effectiveness. Your users’ ability to navigate the solution successfully and achieve the intended outcome speaks to the user-friendliness of your design.

    The section on redesign and improvements showcases forward-thinking, suggesting potential enhancements for future iterations of the project. Your references add credibility to your research and demonstrate a well-rounded understanding of the existing literature on water conservation in agriculture.

    In conclusion, your Automatic Water Irrigation System project is a remarkable demonstration of innovation, technology integration, and a commitment to addressing critical environmental challenges. Well done! 🌱💧🔧

  2. It was I was really excited by this project because quite recently I have started developing a hobby in growing a vegetable garden. I have a pretty large vegetable garden put together but my next problem is going to be figuring out how to maintain soil moisture without spending too much time on watering the plants myself. This was really great research and implementation

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