Grand Award

Second Place

Automatic Basketball Rebounder 2.0

Applied Technology
Paul Fellinger Ryder Asplin

Elisa Estrada-Garcia

Our project is about a beneficial machine that rebounds and propels basketballs back to the shooters. The project was chosen to solve the problem of having to retrieve long rebounds. The result of this project is having the convenience of the ball returning to the shooter every time. The project is important because it helps basketball players of any age practice more efficiently.

Project presentation

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2 thoughts on “Automatic Basketball Rebounder 2.0

  1. I am truly impressed with your project, “Automatic Basketball Rebounder 2.0.” Your innovative approach to improving the functionality of an automatic basketball rebounder showcases a high level of creativity and engineering prowess.

    Your project’s introduction clearly establishes the need for improvement in existing automatic basketball rebounders and highlights the advancements you’ve made. The comparison with other products in the market, such as “The Gun” and the “GRIND” rebounder, demonstrates a comprehensive understanding of the field and a commitment to creating a more affordable solution.

    The questions you posed in the introduction set the stage for an engaging and informative exploration of your project. The detailed procedure, complete with pictures and a video, provides a thorough insight into the construction and working of your automatic basketball rebounder.

    Your results, discussion, and interpretation are well-organized and effectively communicate the success of your project. The incorporation of questions related to the project, such as the inventor of the automatic rebounder and its positioning under the basket, shows a thoughtful consideration of various aspects.

    The benefits your project offers to basketball players, including increased practice time and decreased ball retrieval time, are clearly articulated. The future recommendations for more powerful motors and sturdier materials reflect a forward-thinking approach to continuous improvement.

    Your inclusion of a works cited section adds credibility to your research and shows a commitment to acknowledging external sources. This attention to detail enhances the overall quality of your project.

    In conclusion, your Automatic Basketball Rebounder 2.0 project is a remarkable achievement, combining technical expertise with a genuine passion for enhancing the game. I commend you on your dedication, creativity, and the impact your project could have on basketball players everywhere.

    Congratulations on a job well done, and I look forward to seeing how your innovative spirit continues to shape future projects.

  2. Nice work demonstrating the setup and showing how you constructed the Automatic Basketball Rebounder 2.0 product.

    I like that it just cost less than $150 to build with the smart use of material from local hardware stores. I think the two motors might cost you a bit more. As you continue to develop this idea, I’d recommend figuring out how you will power the motors. Will the device need to be plugged into the wall? Does that mean you need perhaps a 20-60 foot long wire to connect to the nearest plug point in a Gym? To reduce costs could you use one motor and perhaps gears to distribute the force equally? Could there be a wireless version (perhaps with a car battery or something else?)

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