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Automatic Aquaponics

Applied Technology
Julie Rodriguez

Tiffany Newton

The purpose of my Automatic Aquaponics engineering project is to provide a way for people to grow fresh and healthy foods, while saving as much water, time and energy as possible. The best way to accomplish this is by automating aquaponics. In this case, automating means to convert to automatic operations, using electronic devices that take the place of human labor once the system has been built and set up by a person. Aquaponics is a food production system that combines the growing of plants with raising fish. I was able to automate an aquaponics system that I built by using an Arduino microcontroller, Bluetooth module, temperature sensor, water level sensor, servos, relays, and a real time clock. Then, I built a garden bed from the top portion of a plastic drum and filled the top with lava rocks to hold the plant roots in place.

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One thought on “Automatic Aquaponics

  1. This is such a useful application. I hope to see it available for purchase at an affordable price some day. Good job!

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