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An Analysis of the Self-Esteem of the Immigrants and Asylum Seekers at San Luis-Mexico Border

Behavioral and Social Sciences
Sherlyn Valencia

Alfred Santos

South American countries have been facing a tremendous number of economic impediments, leaving them with no choice but to migrate elsewhere. Each year hundreds of thousands of immigrants are arrested, detained, deported and repatriated. The primary objective of this research will be focused on finding association between asylum seekers self-esteem and the probability of their success rate while living in the U.S.

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2 thoughts on “An Analysis of the Self-Esteem of the Immigrants and Asylum Seekers at San Luis-Mexico Border

  1. A very interesting study. You obviously gave a lot of thought to the immigrant situation and went out of your way to explore on both sides of the border. I enjoyed reading your project report and appreciate the care in laying out your hypotheses and results. You deserve praise for including details of gender, age, education, annual salary, as well as how your respondents were treated during the immigration process. Those are a lot of variables to juggle. All in all you a great job trying to reach well informed conclusions about the relationship between the variables. One thing I’d like to ask about your presentation is why you start out with some of the negative thoughts Americans have about immigrants. You dont return to that in your report. Another incongruity for me was stating that you were exploring quality of life, and I had to assume you were using salary as a measure. The association between the two needed examining or proof. Otherwise, just stick to your measures Carry on with the skills you’ve learned by doing this project. Keep on asking questions.

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