American Sign Language: Helping Those Who Struggle With Spelling

Human Health and Behavior
Audrey Alameda

Alexandria Vaughn

What is your project about? My project is about seeing if ASL helps me with spelling. I have always had a hard time with spelling and needed a way that helped me. When I learned American Sign Language I noticed myself remembering how to spell some words so I decided to test my theory. Why did you choose this project? I am a really bad speller and needed a way to help me. I learned ASL and wanted to see if it helped me because when you sign letters and words are going into your brain two different ways. What was your result/overall conclusion? ASL did help me short and long term. Out of the 8 weeks, I had the most words right when I did ASL. I use it now every day to help me remember my spelling. Why is your project important? It could help teachers teach students how to spell. Especially 1st and 2end grade teachers .Learning and having things enter the brain 2 ways helps people remember.

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