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All my Favorite Colors

Applied Technology

Holly Talbert

Our class is losing too many markers! Not only do students have trouble using their favorite or needed color but it is very wasteful. We have decided that this is because markers can roll away, get lost and or we forget the lids. We want to try to design and build something for our markers so that they are organized and the lids on tight. We also want the device to be easy to use.

Project presentation

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2 thoughts on “All my Favorite Colors

  1. What a wonderful problem to solve! I could imagine this is a problem in many classrooms (and also in many households), but with some thought, experiments, and ingenuity of young bright minds, a solution was found! I really enjoyed seeing that the final prototype was improved upon still by gluing the lids in place.

    Not only was a prototype built and tested, they established a process that seemed to follow 5S (lean manufacturing process) which is very important in the engineering and manufacturing world for purposes of efficiency and reducing waste.

    Great job, class!

  2. This looks like a difficult problem to solve! With team work and creativity you came up with some great ideas. I enjoyed seeing the different marker holder ideas, and the final product you built. Nice work, students!

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