All Around Treadmill

Applied Technology
Ivanka Patel

Scott Suter

My project focuses on making VR safer to use. Now you may be wondering, safer? What do you mean by safer? Well, many injures can occur in VR, such as slipping, tripping, or walking into walls or people. I wanted to make a product that keeps you safe and prevents you from harm. My products a prototype so it isn't functioning with technology but in the future I hope it could be. My product's made like a treadmill, but with a exception, it could go 360. There are foam barriers, so in case you fall then you could get a fairly soft landing. The product itself is still in the early stages of development, so more has to be done in order to getting it to actually function. As I said, my project mainly focuses on making VR much safer to use, in other words, making a safe environment so injuries could occur less.

Project presentation

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One thought on “All Around Treadmill

  1. Ivanka Patel is student at Canyon View Elementary School Tucson AZ.
    She did hard work analyzing and putting together the project name ” All Around Treadmill”.
    She is capable and motivated Kid. Her concept was clear and focused.
    In future, we encourage her to stay focused and do more projects with help of her Teachers, classmates, and her Guardians.

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