Air To The Throne

Plants and the Environment
Griffin Ferris

Alexandria Vaughn

What is your project about? I built an air quality sensor that measures Pm10 and Pm2.5 (in parts per million), humidity, and temperature. I used the Sensor to measure different effects of household appliances (microwave, oven, vacuum, toaster, stove, grill, and coffee maker) Why did you choose this project? I wanted to see how things we use everyday affect how we breathe. And the overall air quality. This will show how in the future we can cut down on the pollution of things we use everyday and affect how we breathe. This is important to me because I have breathing problems. What was your result/overall conclusion? The effects of the appliances only covered a certain radius around the house. The appliances that emitted heat had a higher effect. So this shows that things like the oven and stove make more pollution so people should cut down on using them or find better replacements. Why is your project important? My project showed that the effects cover a slight amount of area so the AQI readings for towns are not all correct. So if you are wanting to get a more precise reading on air quality.

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