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AeroPack: Impact of Packages on Aerodynamic Performance

Applied Technology
Kevin Reyes

Gavin Lehr

It is a project determining how packages affect the flight performances of drones. Five models were created using Fusion 360. The 5 models were tested through a virtual process to make predictions of the real life results. Then the models were attached to a drone and I was able to see how the model affected the drone by measuring the flight deviation off a given path.

Project presentation

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Research paper

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2 thoughts on “AeroPack: Impact of Packages on Aerodynamic Performance

  1. 3D printing is a great skill to have so thinking about different pros and cons of prototypes is a crucial part in the design process. Great job!

  2. I think we all know the day is coming when drones are delivering packages, so I was very interested to read about the challenges and how the various shapes handled them. research such as this is relevant right now to companies such as Amazon and Walmart which are competing to earn the business of the every day consumer, the world’s biggest market! great choice, and interesting results.

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